Valo Partner Awards

Celebrating the achievements made by Valo Partners

The Valo Partner Awards recognize the contributions and success of our partners, who have shown special dedication to working with Valo.

The Award Winners are announced yearly basis at the Valo Summit Europe. The Regional Partner of the Year Award Winners and Contributor Heros will be announced in all three Valo Summits: Europe, APAC, and North America.

The Valo Partner Award categories are:

Partner of the Year - Global and Regionals for EU, APAC and NA

This remarkable and wonderful recognition sets the spotlight for the company that has shined on Valo Intranet through the journey. You have a desire to help employees collaborate and engage with their community by using Valo Intranet. Besides these, you have achieved great sales excellence, focused on customer satisfaction, created innovations, and shown phenomenal technical competence and knowledge. #ShineLikeNeverBefore

Customer Success Story

This award recognizes outstanding achievement to deliver world-class customer experience. You have shaped your customer’s workdays by helping them to fall in love with Valo and your outstanding customer-centric services. Excellent feedback from your customer make you stand out. #TrueHappiness

Marketing Master of the Year

Having a great intranet and services is only part of the battle; you also need the people to use them. This award will bring together the most impressive, attractive and influential Valo marketing, campaigns, promotions, and activities relating to the acquisition of new Valo customers. You have set happy mouths talking! #ValoLove

Customization of the Year

This award celebrates the passion, expertise, and creativity. You have made brilliant customizations on Valo Intranet based on your customers’ needs. Providing enrichment and productive experience is the perfect and flexible match for the ever-evolving world. #ValoHooray

​Individual Award - Contributor Hero of the Year

This individual award honors the key Valo contributor. It is given to a person who has put one’s heart, mind, and soul into Valo and bringing the best out of Valo Intranet by helping the Valo Team in any way possible. You have achieved significant impact on Valo through your innovations, above-and-beyond attitude, and generous contributions. #ValoAww

* Please note that our jury will decide the winner(s) for the Contributor of the Year Individual Award without any nominations.

Valo Partner Award Winners



Partner of the Year 2019
Xylos, a Belgian Valo Premium Partner, is a highly dedicated and very active Valo partner with impressive sales and customer satisfaction results. Xylos have shown increasing commitment to our partnership,  are active in both the technical and business side of Valo and gives  great feedback on our products and help us to share the #ValoLove! Xylos was awarded as the Valo Partner of the Year 2019 EU and the Global Valo Partner of the Year 2019 winner.

Valo Partner of the Year 2019: Xylos

Partner of the Year APAC 2019
Valo Partner of the Year 2019 APAC Winner, Daniel Anderson Consulting, is a phenomenal one-man show that does great work not only with customers and as a Valo advocative. He is a great sales machine always being also among the first ones to install the newest releases.

Partner of the Year APAC 2019: Daniel Anderson Consulting

Partner of the Year 2019 NA
Valo Partner of the Year 2019 NA Winner
C/D/H, from Detroit, US, has been Valo Partner for a rather short time but already reached Premium Partner status with amazing sales figures and technical knowledge. They are actively marketing Valo and are always willing to go for that extra mile with customers. C/D/H have great communications with Valo Team always providing constructive feedback.

Valo Partner of the Year 2019 NA: C/D/H

Customer Success Story 2019
When I4-YOU, Valo Premium Partner from the Netherlands, started working with Royal BAM Group, they had an outdated and fragmented intranet environment that needed replacing. Use of the existing intranet was minimal, resulting in a very limited reach among employees. The goal was to create a new Group intranet environment that aligned and supported access to information and as a result, BAM now has an intranet that supports their values, especially open collaboration and scalable learning.

Customer Success Story: BAM, I4-YOU

Valo Marketing Master 2019
Amplexor, a Valo Partner from Belgium with an office also in Luxembourg, has been a Valo partner only for a rather short time but has shown amazing marketing efforts since day one, making Valo the core of their digital workplace business with their customized signage for Valo, banners, roll-ups.. and full-blown co-branding!

Marketing Master 2019: Amplexor

Customization of the Year 2019
This customization, STEMShare Community Learning Library by SharePoint Gurus, is an online space for teachers and students across NSW Education to collaborate and share resources in a visual way. The customization is not only useful, but the user interface looks great! It complements Valo features nicely and is almost a separate product compatible with Valo rather than just customization.

Customization 2019: STEMShare by SharePoint Gurus

Individual Award - Contributor Hero EU 2019
Ruud Brok from Portiva, the Netherlands, has a deep understanding of Valo's value proposition and, as he's not 'too-techy', is able to work in a sales and consulting role, as well as a support role if needed. When contacted for his support, he's always very constructive, helpful and provides very valuable feedback. He also works closely with other partners in Yammer to give them additional support.

Contributor Hero EU: Ruud Brok, Portiva

Individual Award - Contributor Hero APAC 2019
Valo Contributor Hero APAC 2019 Joel Hjalmarsson
Joel Hjalmarsson, from Australia, is known of testing every single feature of Valo Modern giving us extremely valuable feedback about the product when it was in the early stages. He participates actively in the Valo Partner community discussions being also extremely helpful towards other Valo Partners.

Contributor Hero APAC: Joel Hjalmarsson

Individual Award - Contributor Hero NA 2019
Valo Contributor Hero NA 2019 Jeff Collins
Jeff Collins, from CoupledTech, Las Vegas US, is always eager to help the Valo Team and to give his contribution to the whole Valo community. He is always eager to share his knowledge openly to the Partner Community through Partner Yammer. Jeff is not only approachable and knowable, humble and always smiling, but he is also so into Valo that he is like one of our team members - a Valo Contributor Hero NA for the second year in a row!

Contributor Hero NA: Jeff Collins

Partner of the Year 2018
Portiva from the Netherlands, is actively giving effort towards development and support, they are actively communicating with us and externally. They have remarkable sales results which is much due to the extra effort they are always willing to go for their customers – and Valo. What really stands out is their willingness to help other Valo Partners to solve their challenges!

Partner of the Year Winner:
Portiva, Netherlands

Customer Success Story 2018
Customes Success Story of the Year 2018
Klarinet Solutions has shaped Dexcom’s workdays by helping them to fall in love with their Valo Intranet which has led to a world-class employee experience with measurable results. Using the Valo platform, Klarinet Solutions from San Diego USA, was able to capture all of the requirements Dexcom had for their new intranet.

Customer Success Story Winner: Klarinet Solutions, US

Customization of the Year 2018
Multilingual news is a very commonly required feature – and no wonder, most of Valo customers are big corporations with several branches across the globe. GIS AG, Valo Partner from Germany, tackled the challenge by offering a customization that showed great Valo Hack attitude.

Valo Customization Winner: GIS AG, Germany

Marketing Master of the Year 2018
On a yearly basis, Xylos, Valo Partner from Belgium, organizes a customer event, Xylos Inspire. Valo was featured in the event with own booth. As a result, their well-organized customer events with great marketing efforts have resulted in multiple successful Valo deals!

Marketing Master Winner: Xylos, Belgium

Individual Award – Contributor Hero of the Year 2018
Besides showing lots of Valo love, Erwin Verlinden form Advantive, Netherlands, is eager to improve Valo and handles everything from pre-sales to consulting, delivery and customer support being also a top dog to report bugs and even resolve them!

Contributor Hero Winner: Erwin Verlinden, Advantive, Netherlands

Individual Award – Contributor Hero of the Year 2018
Accelerating business overseas at such a fast pace within the past year wouldn’t have been possible without Jeff Collins, a highly contributed partner from Coupled Technology, whose love to Valo is in the same level of madness as the Valo Team has.

Contributor Hero NA 2018 Winner:
Jeff Collins, Coupled Technology, US

Partner of the Year 2017
The first Valo partner of the Year Award  Winner: Klarinet Solutions, from US.

Winner of 2017:
Klarinet Solutions, US

Customer Success Story of the Year 2017
Customer Success Story of the Year 2017 Winner: VodafoneZiggo by Portiva.

Winner of 2017:
VodafoneZiggo, Portiva, Netherlands

Marketing Master of the Year 2017
Valo Marketing Master of the Year 2017 Winner: Pythagoras 

Winner of 2017:
Pythagoras, UK

Customization of the Year 2017
Valo Customization of the Year 2017 Winner: Tres60.

Winner of 2017:
Tres60, Spain

Individual Award – Contributor Hero of the Year
Valo Contributor Hero of the Year 2017: Matt Fishman from Klarinet Solutions, US.

Winner of 2017:
Matt Fishman, Klarinet Solution, US