Jeff Teper: latest innovations and experiences in the Microsoft 365 world

June 4th 17:00 CET/11:00 AM EDT

Meet the Speakers

At Valo Online Summit EU there are several great speakers on the virtual stage on top of Valo experts!


Jeff Teper on virtual stage June 4th at 17:00 CET / 11:00 AM

Join us to this not-to-miss Valo Webinar: “Jeff Teper: latest innovations and experiences in the Microsoft 365 world”

Jeff Teper

Corporate Vice President - Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive

Leading Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive product, design, and engineering in Microsoft 365 empowering over one billion people to collaborate at work, school, and home.

Meet Valo Partners and Valo Team Members on stage


What would be the Valo Summit without Valo Partners sharing their insights? On Thursday, we’ll give a lot of spotlight to our Valo Partners. As peers, their insights and learnings are probably the most interesting ones to you. The sessions with Valo Partners and Valo Team are exclusive to Valo Partners.

Pekka Walkama


As the Founder and CEO of Blue Meteorite, Valo’s mother company, Pekka considers himself a Digital Business All-Round Player. His goal is to make our #CustomerExperience, #PartnerExperience and #WorkdayExperience best-in-class. Plus Pekka is a family man, enjoys basketball and enjoys consuming movies on a grand scale!


Knut Relbe-Moe

Product Evangelist & Partner Manager,

Knut is an veteran Microsoft 365 MVP, a multi-award winning Microsoft architect and an experienced SharePoint consultant with hundreds of Intranet implementations under his belt. Knut is particularly talented at making sophisticated concepts seem simple by combining technical insight with business value and with his personal brand of engaging, down-to-earth enthusiasm and charisma.


Gokan Ozcifci

Product Marketing Manager, Valo

Besides being our main Product Marketing Manager at Valo, Gokan is also a celebrated Microsoft MVP and a highly sought after speaker. His tech and business knowledge are vast and his talks are always riveting! But between his globetrotting and speaker invitations, he also helps Valo customers and partners build innovative, intelligent and responsive cloud-driven Valo solutions. As a strong proponent of Mobile and Cloud-first ideology, his goal is to empower every person and every organisation to level up and achieve more with the Microsoft and Valo experiences.


Sari Soinoja

Product Owner, Valo

Sari is one of our foremost (and favorite) Valo Product Owners for Valo Intranet, Valo Extranet and Valo Entrance. She is well known as a passionate, dedicated M365 enthusiast who loves the ubiquity of technology and is ever determined to set new goals and break new ground. And when Sari speaks, there is always a revelation of something new and exciting on the horizon. In her free time, Sari also enjoys playing basketball and sipping fine scotch. Cheers!



Vlad Catrinescu

Senior Valo Sales Executive, Product Evangelist & Microsoft MVP

As an author of 3 SharePoint books, a Microsoft Certified Trainer, a Microsoft MVP since 2013 and a highly sought out international speaker, Valo’s very own Vlad Catrinescu has worked tirelessly to help over a million IT Professionals and end-users gain a better understanding of the Microsoft 365 platform. Vlad is recognized as one of the “Top 25 SharePoint & Office 365 Influencers” in the world. Aside from all that, he also has an uncanny knack for simplifying difficult concepts and an unerring sense of humour!


Elio Struyf

Engineering Lead, Valo

Elio is both a beloved Valo VIP and an independent Belgium-based Engineering Lead, Blogger and Public Speaker. His tenacity and deep passion for Office 365 and SharePoint development has earned him the reputation as a trusted thought leader in the information technology space. So much that he has been nominated a Microsoft MVP five consecutive times and has been recognized as a SharePoint/Office 365 Top 25 Influencer three times.


Jarbas Horst

Senior Software Architect and Valo Product Owner

Jarbas is an Office 365 enthusiast, a lifelong learner and is known for his positive, can-do attitude. Over more than a decade his main focus has been on SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365 development. Jarbas is the Valo Teamwork Product Owner, a site provisioning specialist and also an enthusiastic speaker He particularly creates superb provisioning solutions for many medium to large businesses corporations and is happy to share his extensive first-hand experiences.


Tom Laureys, Amplexor

 Tom Laureys, Solution Manager ECM at Amplexor Belgium

Tom is Solution Manager ECM at Amplexor, based in Belgium. For the past 12 years, Tom has been helping organizations across industries to find the right technology to effectively digitize their business processes and improve collaboration and productivity. His combination of strategic thinking and expertise in a range of platforms – from Valo, SharePoint and Office 365 to Alfresco and OpenText – grant him the capacity to capture new trends on the market and turn them into solutions for customers.

Bart-Jan Dekker, I4-You

SharePoint Architect

Bart-Jan is responsible for the technical side of Valo implementation, classic as well  as modern at I4-YOU. Migrating from Valo Classic to Modern can be a lot of work if you do it manually. But fortunately there are tools available that help you in automating this task. In this session we will take a look on how migrate from Valo Classic to modern, automating as much as possible.

Ruud Brok, Portiva


As a Valo Lover, and Valo Contributor Hero 2019 Winner, Ruud not only flips the switch deploying Valo but makes sure the solution fits the customer’s needs. On top of that, he also takes care of the change needed on the business side.

A question for his leisure time; how is the mountain biking in Finland?

Nick Van Hooijdonk, Portiva

Technical Cloud Consultant

As a technical cloud consultant, Nick connects the dots between business and tech. In recent years he has built up a lot of experience in rolling out Valo to both larger and smaller organizations. In addition to his passion for development at O365, he can often be found on the football field.

Lea Lähteenmäki, Blue Meteorite

Sales Director

Head of sales in Blue Meteorite, Lea shares the secrets of how they’ve sold over 100 Valos in 3 years in Finland.

Tytti Hallavo, Blue Meteorite

Director of Consulting Services
Blue Meteorite

Tytti has a strong background in leading project businesses and expert organizations. She has worked in the Microsoft technology field along with intranets and web services for over two decades. With the majority of her work on the partner side steering customer solutions, Tytti delivers and ensures business profitability.



Juliet Stott

 Founding Director, Bright Star Content Marketing Agency

Bright Star is Valo’s external content partner. Juliet and her team of experienced writers create content for Valo’s blog and write Valo’s customer stories. Juliet began her career at The Guardian Newspaper 20 years ago & has written for Advertising Week Europe & New York, Econsultancy, IBM, Nutanix, and The Content Council.

Päivi Haavisto

Production Manager, Valo

As a Production Manager, Päivi makes sure that the Product Development Team has all the things they need to share the #ValoLove with our Products! Päivi’s passions are the 3 C’s: Coffee, Cooking and Cava and she considers herself as a MasterChef of her own life.


Michael Borell

Sales Lead EMEA

Michael is working closely with Valo Partner Managers to provide partners and customers the best possible result by helping partners in sales and streamlining the Valo Partner network. While off work, Mike can be found exploring the world, hiking or cooking to his family.

Noora Hakkarainen

Partner Manager EMEA,

Noora is a SharePoint professional with a customer on the mind. When not sunk in SharePoint, you will find Noora either cooking, traveling, or getting to know the next season’s fashion trends. Red lipstick alert!


Sébastien Levert

Product Lead

Seb is an Office Development MVP specializing in delivering great customizations in SharePoint and Office 365. He is responsible of building great Intranet scenarios using the Modern experiences, and to develop our amazing partner network.


Piotr Siatka

Software Developer,

Piotr really enjoys pure coding. After work, he tries to balance a healthy style of life, from running to beering.


Erwin van Hunen

Lead Architect, Valo

Erwin goes back a long time with SharePoint and uses that knowledge to make the Valo product installation process shine! He is one of the few Microsoft Certified Masters in SharePoint and an Office Apps & Services MVP. Off work, Erwin loves spending his time in his studio filled with synthesizers.

Jenni Mattinen

Marketing Communications Specialist

Jenni concentrates on partner communications and loves to work around the #ValoLove stories with customers! When not working, Jenni can be found from the forests, running tracks, yoga mat, or Crossfit box.